Vera scarves dating

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The two moved into a small studio on 17th street where they decided to merge their career backgrounds and began their company, Printex.They built a small silkscreen printing press to fit on their dining room table, which was only large enough to produce linen place-mats. Their friend Frederick Werner Hamm, a recent German immigrant who also had a background in textiles, joined the pair in their creative endeavors.In the 1960s a line of clothing was added to the scarves and household linens.Blouses and dresses were made from the Vera library of textile designs.w=117&h=150" alt="" width="117" height="150" srcset=" w=117&h=150 117w, w=234&h=300 234w" sizes="(max-width: 117px) 100vw, 117px" /Vera was born in Stamford, Connecticut on July 24, 1907.Her parents were Fanny and Meyer Salaff , who encouraged and supported her artistic pursuits.

Geometrics designs, specifically dots, were extremely popular; as were the bold floral prints.

In 1974, Perry Ellis began to work for Vera as a merchandise manager.

He asked if he could submit designs for the clothing line and Vera encouraged him to do so; as she liked his work, he then became a full time designer for the Vera line.

The "vera" signature trademark was first used in 1947 and by 1948, the business had grown beyond the loft and moved from Manhattan to Ossining, NY.

The Neumans bought an old mansion and converted into a studio and factory.

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