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I could use a little encouragement, and really, not from the same 4 guys who always comment on everything.I’m a few steps closer to my “Goldicocks” shoot, which is next in line.-Tara It seems like I’ve been inactive for about a week now. I don’t really like reporting about nothing on social media unless I have something to report.

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And the latex catsuit, I’m thinking of wearing that pink anime- style wig and push the hentai look of my outfit with just adding a bow, collar and some other little bits. And right now I’m attaching all the pink and purple dildos I can find to the foam noodles and the result will be something like this: And then to sit/lay on, I’m going to make a bench/platform using these pink upholstered dots I have had forever since they were the Captain’s chair for Uranus Needs Shemales, but I might spray paint them a little darker. (It’s a shame about the blue carpet- it’s out of place in the color scheme- but that’s fairly easy to just tweak to purple in Photoshop..) And the end result would look like something like this!But yeah, I’m lazy – I should do that, regardless of the results.Interesting fact- it usually takes about 3 days to edit a photo set, while it only takes an afternoon or an evening to shoot a set?Everyone keeps telling me I should do Moxxi from Borderlands, but I feel weird doing a cosplay without ever playing the game, So I had planned to shoot “Goldicocks” as my next outfit, but I haven’t quite settled on the set yet.I then turned my attention to making a few new bits to go with my purple latex catsuit, but that itself started to evolve into a Cheshire Cat outfit, so it went from a simple project to a much more involved one.

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