Wadi hammeh 27 dating

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He is also the co-author of most of the other chapters dealing with spatial distribution and discard patterns, the basaltic artefacts, bone tool industry, and artefacts and manuports of various materials.

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Thus, for example, there is a short but illuminating discussion on the use of the structures and the identity of their occupants—I fully concur with his statement that "one cannot dismiss the effect of variant cultural traditions and community standards with respect to house type—because there is no reason to assume that Natufian period populations belonged to a single, self-conscious identity group" (p. One can argue with Edwards about some of his interpretations, or his selective choice of comparative studies in the chapters presenting the lithic and non-lithic artefacts, but each and every chapter provides concise comparison with other Natufian assemblages and comments on more general issues regarding the Natufian phenomena, such as understanding what was harvested with the artefacts bearing a sickle sheen (Chapter 7) or the origins of the basaltic artefacts recovered at many Natufian sites including Wadi Hammeh 27 (Chapter 8).

This book is a treasure-trove for researchers specialising in the Natufian period and is a most significant addition to the data base of the Early Natufian in particular.

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