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Like many other elements of western popular culture produced during this period-books, magazines, plays, broadsides, paintings, and the like—the Wasp reflected the West's growing impatience with federal inaction.

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The Wasp achieved remarkable popularity in its late-nineteenth-century heyday, despite its relatively parochial circulation and the expense of publishing in the midst of the nineteenth century's deepest economic depression.It sounded like she was singing there's only one Kevin Keegan but I was half Hams you are nuts!It was definately a wasp by the way as I was keen to show my son he was mistaken.Being the amazing mother that I am I calmly caught it in a glass and being kind hearted I let it go outside instead of flushing it down the loo as my son suggested I should. With our apparent climate changes, has anyone else seen insects, mini beasts or animals that they wouldn't normally expect out of season where they live and if so what was it? A years ago in December I saw a bee and a butterfly when I was walking along the shore (this was near Hinkley Point mind you!!It may well freeze to death, but I can't be left accountable for that! Could have been a queen (edit - oh are they scout wasps) wasp trying to find somewhere to make a nest so I hope it went a long way from your house. )OP the wasp you describe sounds like a 'scout' wasp, on the lookout, for a safe haven, to begin the building of a wasp's nest, ready for the summer.

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