Weatherpanel not updating

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Saving you the technicalities, basically what CM guys are saying is that the default sources of weather providers have changed their frameworks (APIs to be exact) quite a bit and as a result, CM userbase is now too big for them to contain at the current format. So now, in order for CM not to exceed limits imposed by weather providers, the widget has been modified to allow each user to connect to a certain provider (from a limited selection), thus remaining within limitation boundaries.

In order to configure c Lock weather widget using current providers, tap on the widget to open it up, then go to settings by tapping the triple dots which symbolize menu and tap Widget settings.

I had similar problem with lxde, that I could not enter a zipcode or large city into weather widget.

I also installed my-weather-indicator too, and you can see both in screen shots.

By default, this widget is viewable from the lock screen, but it can also be added to the home screen.

However, the weather information isn’t automatically attached the widget and has to be added from a manual setting.

With sudo nano /home/david/.config/lxpanel/LXDE/panels/panel and changing to Plugin Did not produce a change to the standard weather applet.Sorry agc, I placed this reply as you entered your above post.The application you suggested was functional but far too resource and user intensive for me to keep (I removed it). This guide is based on the Asus Zenfone 4S (T00Q) Lollipop firmware. Open res/layout/asus_status_bar_expanded_(Asus) or status_bar_expanded_(Other phone) Find: 8.Feature: Display/Hide weather Weather style (Text only/Icon only/Icon & Text) Show/Hide Condition and or temperature text Weather Text color Weather Text size Weather Text font style Weather icon color Weather icon size Condition icon style (Monochrome/Colored/VCloud) Adv text customization (shadow color, radius, etc) Requirement: - Understanding about APK compile/decompile - APKTool - Notepad (PC) How: Part Asus System UI: 1. Copy smali from guide to smali folder on systemui.. Recompile System UI, don't forget to Sign and zipalign apk. Copy Lock to /system/priv-app/Lock Clock/ and set permission to rw-r-r (644) then reboot you phone 10. You can using Zen or include preference into Add Preference using Zen : 1. Open /res/xml/dropdown_and add this: Created by [email protected]

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