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She is extremely devoted to her family, but she is independent in nature.The Welsh needs daily exercise, which can be met with long walks on leash combined with strenuous games in the yard.She especially likes jaunts afield and makes a good hiking companion. The coat needs brushing once or twice weekly and also needs occasional scissoring to neaten stragglers.A dog identified as a Welsh springer spaniel is mentioned in some of the earliest records of the Laws of Wales, dating around 1300.Although land spaniels were used in Wales for some time before the Welsh springer emerged as a recognized breed, the early dogs were probably not a uniform lot.At the first dog shows in England, English and Welsh springers were shown together as one breed because the only difference at that time was in their color.New imports and, luckily, new supporters, arrived and the Welsh has since enjoyed a steady, if modest, popularity.Not as flashy in the show ring as the English springer, the Welsh makes up for it in the field.

Please check the latest News section as it will be updated regularly, with all the latest information, news and announcements regarding the Welsh Bushi-Kai.

Although the percentage of Welsh speakers is generally higher in the West, more and more people all around Wales are taking up learning Welsh and are sending their children to Welsh medium schools.

(This website is now archived.) Welsh is being spoken naturally as part of everyday life in communities across Wales, especially in the North West and West.

Also BBC Radio Cymru is Wales' national Welsh language radio station broadcasting 20 hours a day accross the nation.

Welsh language magazine Golwg is a weekly publication, as well as having a seperate news service online, Golwg360, and Y Cymro is a weekly newspaper.

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