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One answer is that the NLRA is toothless and employers know it.

When employees file complaints, the National Labor Relations Board’s “remedies” are slaps on the wrist: reinstatement for wrongful termination, back-pay, and/or “informational remedies” such as “the posting of a notice by the employer promising to not violate the law.”At the same time, ignorance of the law can just as easily fuel gag rules.

The two companies had little in common, but both told me one thing: Don't talk to your coworkers about your pay.

The bill that would cover the rest of workers is the Paycheck Fairness Act.Gag rules violate a fundamental labor right and allow for discriminatory pay schemes.Given their illegality, why are gag rules so common?She said that if we did not agree to a salary that day, then she would have to suspend me because I would be working past the allowed temp phase.I insisted that she look into a higher offer and she agreed that we could meet again later.

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