Who are the jonas brothers currently dating

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Best wishes Peter Smerdon Subject: The Smerdon Clan From Peter Smerdon Many thanks for your email.

Since my original message I have explored the story of Thomas hidden behind your tree.

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Was this the Mary referred to and had she remarried another Thomas Smerdon - perhaps a cousin? Perhaps the Thomas Smerdon referred to was his grandson Thomas (1825-1865) who later married Grace Hamlyn in 1855.

A few years ago 3 of my first cousins (John, Tim & Peter) emigrated to Canada and all are now in the Vancouver area where they seem to have multiplied quite rapidly.

Another cousin's (Leslie) widow went to Brisbane with her family after Leslie's death, so even the current generation have scattered widely.

But that would still leave Thomas Willcocks, as Ann was Thomas[seniors] only daughter." Your Father obviously pondered on these points at great length but in the end He remarks"The mystery remains"!!!

Michael Smerdon - Adelaide Australia Subject: Smerdon Will From Simon Begent Dear Michael and Peter, Thanks for your emails.

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