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However, the couples have only been sighted together with the eldest daughter. In an interview with uk Matthew Goode talked about the starting of his relationship and what it has led to. Her mum’s too wonderful a person to let that happen.

He reminiscened about the events nostalgically saying, “I was living in Clapham and she was on my doorstep when I came home. I’m not, but she is.” Matt sure is a good father but is an excellent husband too as he says that his wife is more wonderful than he is.

In contrast to his previous statement, the show named ' Wine' previews him and Matthew Rhys, sitting under the Tuscan Sun in the Italian Countryside, drinking and enjoying fine wine.

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"What British women have figured out is that we lower our standards when we're drunk," he says. Sophie Dymoke is currently not a married woman but acts like one with Matthew Goode, who played the role of Hugh Alexander in the famous movie called the Imitation Game.The couple has been staying together more like a partner and then husband and wife. drink at The Egg Shop on New York's Lower East Side, I'm impressed. And rarer yet is the subject who, upon your arrival, is found hunched over a plate of sunny side ups at the bar. So it kind of just ends up being other peoples' houses… And no wonder: Not only does Goode live nearby with his family—actress Sophie Dymoke and daughters Matilda, 5, and Teddy, 14 months—the establishment's proprietor also introduced the actor to his wife. That's the one great thing about summer holiday with kids: It's one of the only times of the year when you can just go to the fridge after breakfast, crack open a beer, and no one looks at you weird…You drink so you can get on their level. I think Benedict is the poshest—he went to Harrow [School], which is one of the reasons why I met him. The first time I met Ben, actually, was because I was doing this thing called in which I played Lynley's [Nathaniel Parker] brother.

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