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We had this vague understanding that we would pick up again one day, but, in the meantime, we would see other people.I wonder now if we were setting ourselves some sort of unspoken challenge: seeing if there was anyone out there who could compare.' Tom Chambers and Clare Harding were finally married in Repton, Derbyshire In the meantime, the pair went out with other people. I still pinch myself at how it has worked out for us.' But it was a strange set of circumstances that finally brought them together.After going out for a few drinks, they went their separate ways.'It's very strange talking about this now, because it sounds so bizarre, but we knew that it would be mad to settle down so young.'In the past, I've laughed at the people taking part who go on about how hard it is.I've thought, "Prima donnas, typical actors, moaning on about nothing". It's like doing a great big exam - one that truly will change your life - every week.'In comparison, married life will seem like a breeze, won't it?He has spent much of his adult life planning his life with Clare - to a degree that can only be described as meticulous, if not obsessive. 'I had this great idea for how to propose in style,' he grins. My original plan was to propose to Clare in Tamariu in Spain.

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What sort of man changes the date of his wedding to honour his 'work commitments'?In his defence, he seems quite pained that it ever came to this.'I have to say that I'm a bit surprised myself that we switched the date,' he says.Now I'm there, though, I see what it's really like. 'The truth is, there hasn't been much time for anything else apart from Strictly, so I will be making it up to Clare big time once it's over.We're going away on that belated honeymoon on Boxing Day.' The irony is that Tom truly isn't the sort of bloke who would change his wedding plans willy-nilly.

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