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He and Helen went home after apologising to Carla (Alison King) for telling her what to do.Barry and Helen returned on 24 November 2008 to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary.They eventually accepted it, however, and attended baby Liam's christening and left Weatherfield on good terms with Maria and Tony.They returned again in November after Tony told the police and Maria that he did arrange for Liam to be killed.Tina is later visited by Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis), and they argue.Tina falls from the balcony but survives that so Rob beats her with a metal pipe to ensure that she dies.Tina's boss Liz Mc Donald (Beverley Callard) and her son Steve (Simon Gregson) eventually found out.

They booked a flight to Manchester immediately and comforted Maria.

Barry and Helen returned in July 2009 to meet their new grandson, Liam, but after clashing with Maria over Tony's involvement in baby Liam's life, they returned to Ireland.

They returned in October for the first anniversary of Liam's death and they were horrified by Maria and Tony Gordon's (Gray O'Brien) relationship.

She has had a few relationships, including ones with David, Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey), Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain), Dr.

Matt Carter (Oliver Mellor) and Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas).

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