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“At the end of last season, we did have to slightly change the ending because it was too close to home, because of what was happening [in real life],” Maggie revealed (via ).

“We were shooting it or we had the script, and what was happening in the news happened exactly in the script, and then we had to crop the ending as we shot it.” “We’d head in a direction and then boom — it would happen,” Maggie added.

Harold and Kumar, The Namesake, Superman Returns, and guest appearances on Star Trek and now on How I Met Your Mother is just the short list from his filmography.

And lets not forget he was a guest professor at the University of Pennsylvania and worked for the Obama administration as the Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Liaison. A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of sitting in on a telephone interview with the one and only Kal Penn while he was promoting his third installment of Harold and Kumar. ” Nope, instead the call with other Asian American journalists revolved around more important matters – his career path, his impact on the Asian American community, and his future career plans.

That movie is also significant because it was the debut performance of one very special guy, one that many of us Brown Girls have fallen in love with over the years: Kal Penn.

Penn plays an outlandish local journalist with a rather unique fashion sense.

How much did you yourself remember about the Bhopal disaster, given that you were a 7-year-old in New Jersey at the time? There was certainly a recognition and an awareness of it, but I remembered more from college.

When you first saw your wardrobe for this movie, what did you think? And the director said, "No, actually he's loosely based on a real guy who did dress this way at the time." It was an interesting acting challenge to sit there and go OK, clearly my character is over the top, boisterous, larger than life, loves himself at the beginning of the film. I think they should've doubled down on those things.

I was a little bit worried at first, to be honest — you know, really loud-colored shirts and prints. But the film's a tragedy, and the arc of this guy is he goes from being this gossip columnist who just wants to sell papers to being a guy who it's really clear cares about his town and cares about the people that live there. They should've said, "Look, these are our successes, they're better than they were before and they can continue to be better if you vote for us." They didn't do that, and I think they're learning the lesson of not having done that.

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