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Each built a small village: Xalitic (in the sand) was founded by the Totonacas; Techacapan (river of waste) was founded by the Chichimecas; in the northeast Tecuanapan (river of the beasts) was founded by the Toltecas, and Tlalnecapan was founded by the Teochichimecas.Around 1313, the four villages grew together and joined, forming one large village named Xallapan.

On 27 November 1867 the corpse of emperor Maximilian I of Mexico, who had been executed in Querétaro, arrived and was held in San José, attended by the priest José María y Daza, then transferred to Veracruz the following day.

They were released and paroled, but after rejoining the fighting against the US, they were recaptured near Teocelo, taken to Xalapa, sentenced to death and executed on 24 November 1847.

US forces marched on to capture Mexico City and departed after the Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo.

In 1519 Hernán Cortés passed through en route to Tenochtitlan.

When the Spanish arrived, Xalapa was barely populated.

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