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In the end of the manga, she is shown being reunited with a former lover, who is implied to in fact be Yusuke's biological father.

Yusuke's most common attack is the Rei Gun ("Spirit Gun" in the English anime dub).

Kuwabara ends up assisting in most of Yusuke's cases, gaining power over his own aura which he wields as a sword called the Aura Sword ("Spirit Sword" in the English anime dub), though compared to Hiei, Kuwabara's swordsmanship is clumsy and more predictable due to the lack of swordsman training.He learns to develop this power rather quickly as well, later being able to wield two at once and creating an extremely powerful sword using the Sword of Trials he got from Suzuki.Kuwabara also obtains the Dimensional Sword during the Chapter Black arc, a sleeker and cleaner spirit sword that possesses the ability to slice and cut through and between dimensions.As the story progresses Kuwabara becomes more engrossed in his studies, choosing to cram for his high school exams rather than follow Yusuke and the others into the Demon plane, although he still chooses to do so out of curiosity and being felt as if he were left behind.At the end of the manga series it is shown that Yukina is living with his family as a homestay.

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