Who was kelly clarkson dating

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I just felt something.”However, as Clarkson explained she "ain't girl" -- so never made a move, and didn't even see Blackstock again until 2012, when he and his then-wife, Melissa Ashworth, had divorced.The pair's fateful meeting came at the Super Bowl in 2012, when Clarkson was performing the national anthem, and Blake Shelton, whom Blackstock manages, was singing "America the Beautiful." EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Clarkson Says Husband Brandon Blackstock Inspired Her New Music: 'He Makes Me Feel So Sexy' “We didn’t really know each other, I had just met him that one time,” Clarkson shared.RELATED: Kelly Clarkson Describes Her Cute Date Night 'Every Night' With Husband Brandon Blackstock “It’s a hard thing to find that feeling," she said.“I always tell [my stepdaughter, Savannah], ‘Wait it out.Kelly's debut single, Before Your Love/A Moment Like This topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and became the best-selling single of 2002.She has gone onto be a global megastar and has won three coveted Grammys in the process. Kelly has amassed quite a fortune since her rise to fame in 2002. This is through her music, touring and endorsements.Kelly Brianne Clarkson, 35, was born in Texas on April 24, 1982 and is an American singer, songwriter, actress and author.

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“My guitar player’s wife Ashley was my date for that night and we had just both been in crap relationships,” Clarkson explained.

Wait until you get those goosebumps.’ Because if it’s not, it’s not worth it.”Clarkson and Blackstock now have four kids together -- his 16-year-old daughter, Savannah, his 10-year-old son, Seth, their 3-year-old daughter River and 18-month old son Remington.

See what the GRAMMY winner told ET about her family life in the video below.

“Just from that one time, even six years later, I had never really dated anyone.

I honest to God thought, ‘Is this what it’s like to be asexual?

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