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Smith had originally planned to be a professional footballer: he played for the youth teams of Northampton Town (where he grew up), Leicester City and Nottingham Forest as a teenager, before a serious back injury ended his career, and a drama teacher got him interested in acting.

It’s a vastly different background to that of Isherwood, who was gay, public-school educated, and left for the hedonistic atmosphere of Weimar era Berlin in his twenties to escape the repressiveness of English society between the wars, and a suffocating relationship with his mother (played in the drama by Lindsay Duncan).

‘I’ve got a different background to the Doctor,’ Smith notes when I mention it.

‘I’m not an alien.’ Smith kept a diary throughout the production. The fact that it went to places like that was one of the lures for me.

‘Research proved that Jean Ross wasn’t anything like that,’ he says.

A month later, in London, he arrives late for our interview, striding into the room, apologising, he’d been sitting in a car stuck in traffic. He’s giving off great bursts of energy, and he’s wearing a huge, loose-knit jumper, of a sort that you would have to be very cool or very famous to get away with. ‘I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking.’ Did he do the voice?

‘Well, it’s not the sort of Tony Blair, Michael Sheen performance, which I admire greatly, because he has a great ability to capture people very acutely.

My Richard III,’ then he gets up and hobbles around the room for a bit.

Isherwood’s rigid control must have been quite a stretch.

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