Windows xp connecting to wireless network validating identity

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Absolutely right about the pics, it's just that without Internet the camera is far easier than snipping, editing, transferring to USB and carting across the house.

: P What's really bugging me is that -- I swear to God -- this card was working, in a box, 7 days ago.

(I tried TKIP later, when this didn't work, with the same results as described below.) So I set it to WPA-PSK / AES and entered my security key.

It's mixed letters and numbers, 32 characters long. Still "waiting for reply" in the main screen, and "cannot find certificate" on the pop-up.

That said you cannot have wpa set on your card and have wpa-psk set on router.

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Note: If your router has multiple ethernet ports, DO NOT use the WAN port to connect a computer.

The power supply died, and I decided to transfer the card to another system.

I haven't changed my network settings since then, and the card is physically the same.

To resolve this issue, disable 802.1X feature on your Windows computer.

Sometimes when the settings of the client device and the router don't exactly match, the client won't see the router's Wi Fi network.

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