Windows xp system event log not updating

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I got faulting application (Office 2003 SP3 on Win7 64bit).Starting Word takes a long time, on closing it crashes. As mentioned here in another thread / event source: the reinstallation of office didn't solve the problem, but deleting the seems to solve the issue (tested about half a day).

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For example, trying to run games designed for Windows 9x/ME on Windows 2000/XP. Application name: octave-3.2.4- This event was recorded when the Octave (programming language) console was closed using the application window x close button (on the top right of the window) instead of typing "exit" in Octave window (so this is a bug in the Octave interface).

I had around 30 WSD ports, and when i started deleting the ports, the spooler crashes stopped right away.

Application: splwow64.exe, corrupt module: Script Sn.20110324101647- We had some troubles printing out of 32 bit applications on 64 bit operating systems (Windows 7) with several printer drivers.

Additional change the file association via right click context menu option "open with" from Div X to another player (for example VLC). EXE", module: "sharemedia.dll" - Always happens when I use any of my 8GB USB sticks which have only few MB left in free space.

The Event Viewer says the source is which is what crashes but the file/module is found in my Real Player SP directory and the videos on my USB sticks are mostly assigned to Real Player SP to play.

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