Women in 30s dating

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“The fact that you were single throughout your teens and 20s shows that you are confident and independent enough not to ‘need’ to be in a relationship.” Knowing how to be happy when you’re single is such a huge skill, so don’t trade that in for anything less than something really great.

It can be difficult if you’ve been single for a long time when it feels like everyone else is dating around you. But lots of my friends didn’t get into their first relationships until their later 20s or 30s. So approach it logically and don’t settle, because there is something really great out there — and dating around is half the fun.

Thank them for the date that night or the next morning.

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As someone who is currently in this age bracket, it is truly the Wild West. Spouting out how many kids you want, where you’d like to live, or how much money you’d like to make is super aggressive for a first date and totally unacceptable to discuss.

Don’t feel distressed if the angels aren’t immediately singing.

If you’re unsure, always give them a second date, or even a third.

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