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Over nearly three decades, Achim Steiner has been a global leader on sustainable development, climate resilience and international cooperation.

He has worked tirelessly to champion sustainability, economic growth and equality for the vulnerable, and has been a vocal advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals.

He led the United Nations Environment Programme (2006-2016), helping governments invest in clean technologies and renewable energy.

She started her career with UNDP in 1991 as a UN Volunteer programme officer in Guyana.

He was also Deputy Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, in charge of relations with the Parliament of Andalusia, and elected member of the Municipal Council of his hometown Malaga, the fourth city of the country. Martínez-Solimán has been working for the UN for 20 years, focusing on electoral assistance, public financial management, democratic transitions and national dialogue.

He was posted in Burundi, Togo, Bangladesh and Senegal.

Prior to joining UNDP, he was Director of the Oxford Martin School and Professorial Fellow of Balliol College, University of Oxford.

Mr Steiner has served across the United Nations system, looking at global challenges from both a humanitarian and a development perspective.

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