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In an interesting interview with Ion Hazzikostas, a lot was learned about the upcoming update to World of Warcraft: patch 7.3.But one of the most notable things for more passive players is what’s going on with the LFR system going forward.I've just tried the selective startup, to no avail Froztoo if other things are also being blocked it may be an issue with ports, can you please work through the steps here.If this is your school network though you may need to contact whoever is responsible for managing it.The World of Warcraft private server, Nostalrius, which shut down to meet privately with Blizzard to discuss the idea of official legacy servers before Blizzcon gave its code to the Elysium private servers after no official word of legacy servers was made at Blizzcon... As part of Diablo’s 20th anniversary, you can now access one of the most famous levels in Diablo – the cow level.

All the data from Alpha test will be wiped, Blizzard will send out a big wave of beta invites, are you ready to grab a key?

World of Warcraft: Legion kicks off beta test today.

Blizzard has put together a handy infographic to highlight many of the Legion beta features and flow of content starting with the experience in the Broken Shore and running through the Emerald Nightmare Raid...

Now World of Warcraft team has arranged an event giving you the chance to join the other thousands of testers in the upcoming expansion.

I must admit, that title sounds wrong after a while, but let's pretend it doesn't.

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