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However, you must enable the data error information support by setting a Field Layout Settings object’s Support Data Error Info property to a Support Data Error Info enumeration value.

object, any fields in the affected field layout will automatically report data errors.

One of the primary purposes of the binding Group is to allow transactional editing of objects, for example within the WPF Data Grid it is used to commit a Row as a 'atom'.

We must manually commit this Binding Group in order to run our rule, a 'Submit' button could be added to our form, but for simplicity in this example I simply commit as each Text Box loses focus: When using Binding Groups we can still of course validate each Binding independently, our Validates On Data Errors still works.

If the user enters a non-numeric value into the Text Box an exception is thrown within the binding framework when it attempts to parse this value.

The framework provide s a way of catching validation exceptions, by setting Validates On Exceptions to true within a binding, however the error message provided is "Input string was not in a correct format." - this is the sort of error message that a software engineer would understand, but not the majority of the population!

The Binding Group will then have access to all the other Bindings which relate to this Data Context.

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Take for example a very simple example, a Person class which has properties of Name and Age.

When the book is published, the text from this blog entry will be removed and only the code listings will remain.

An HTML helper, in most cases, is just a method that returns a string. NET MVC application without using a single HTML helper.

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