Xp updating activation

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"In order for the activation to take, it identifies a wide variety of components in your system," he explained."If a certain number of components change over time--for example, you get a new video card, add memory, this, that or the other thing to that PC--it will ask you to reactivate." But Bailey emphasized, "The number of things required to have to go through that process we think is very small--certainly a small subset of your readers." Once the software detects a hardware discrepancy it can't reconcile, the consumer or business must reactivate the software using the original installation CD.

"It shouldn't just deactivate and slip away," Silver said."When you activate, what it does is lock the software to the hardware--takes the signature of the hardware," explained Guernsey Research analyst Chris Le Tocq."The technology is designed to detect changes in the configuration.This requires calling Microsoft to get a one-time, 44-key code reactivating the software.In the case of Office XP, the software enters a reduced functionality mode where people cannot create or save files until reactivation.

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