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His behavior was bizarre to say the least; he built on the terror he projected, taking delight in the trauma and meanness he spewed forth on us kids. This individual was given total authority over a class of thirty some odd adolescent boys. :) Sincerely, of course for algebra, I have a vivid memory of his running his hand down the back of my pants, down the crack of my ass, and then watching him sniffing his finger as he sat at his desk.

These young men were subject to him in private for forty minutes every day of the school week, we endured his presence through over 180 classes that year. I don't have a clear memory of how many times he had his hands on me.

but my domineering father whose self-interests for me showed no concern whatsoever for mine, or anyone else's, feelings forced me into the school.

I remember taking a long test for placement in the school in the gymnasium and I recall receiving the acceptance form. Each redacted letter was edited and approved by the individual correspondent prior to posting.

I remember distinctly the first time came down the isle next to mine and leaned over a young man and placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. Another lasting memory, was the brother's seeming obliviousness to bullies.He had the habit of walking up and down the rows of the classroom while he talked or while we were doing tests or assignments. There was another brother, who was also talked about, who I seem to remember left the school in the middle of the year of 1962.Periodically he would assign us work and retired to the back corner of the classroom near and open window and have a cigarette, heaven help the boy who dared to turn and look at him thus disposed. Somehow once I ended up under that guy's arm, and he escorted me into the boys locker room, but kids were there, and somehow, I got away.He would wipe his nose with his hand and then wipe the snot from his hand on his clothes or into his hair. The needs to continued to be challenged until they completely take actions to rid the evil souls that still hide behind their doors.He would terrorize us orally with tirades of abuse, shouting out loudly without warning, calling individual students His demeanor would change in an instant, bringing forth an outburst of vitriolic hatred directed at an individual student or the entire class. Kobutsu please remember that you and those other individual are not victims of abuse rather survivors of abuse!

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