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The product of a biotech experiment, he eats metal objects of all sizes, which he can reproduce in his right hand when he needs them.

Although the dubbed episodes describe him as an explorer, Bolt is the world's greatest mercenary.

The story is based on Bolt Crank, a mercenary for hire, who was genetically altered.

After eating metal objects he can reproduce them through is right hand, when ever he needs them.

If you're expecting epic plotlines, you will be disappointed--each episode or group of episodes is a "day in the life" of the mercenary Bolt Crank, with no overall story arc.

However, the standalones are quite good, and reveal a little bit more about Bolt's character each time.

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The animation is average and the music selection is nothing special.

Bolt Crank could be a much more interesting character if the anime had better storylines and direction. The characters were actually a lot more interesting than critics declared.

Not recommended but worth a peek if you enjoy the strong silent characters. This show is hardly as bad as people portray it to be. Bolt Crank IS an extremely taciturn character, but the times when he cracks out a sullenly cold one-liner were well-done.

Eat-Man '98 is worth the money, even if you do not like subtitles. Ok, I purchased this cause it was cheap (relatively) and because it looked interesting.

While I will agree that there is little animation it didn't bother me much.

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