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Whether the numbers reflected on the homepage of the website are real cannot be proven, although the company did say at the time of the attack that its user numbers hadn't been affected and actually, the ration of men to women had not changed as a result of details being leaked.

Earlier in December, it was revealed Ashley Madison users had been receiving blackmail threats in the post.

He said that any victims should report the matter to the authorities and request discretion.

"If the police are to successfully build a case against someone they will be looking for evidence like this." 14/09/2015: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Go Daddy are no longer defendants in an Ashley Madison lawsuit attempting to force websites to delete information about users of the infidelity dating site.

30/12/2015: Ashley Madison has revealed that its subscriber numbers are up significantly, despite reports many of its users have been blackmailed by the hackers that leaked member details.

Recent figures displayed on the website reveal 43.4m people are now members of the site, up from 37m when the dating site was first hacked in August.

"I just received a physical postal letter to my house asking for 67 USD or exposed my AM account to people close to me.

05/02/2016: Cheater's dating website Ashley Madison has countered privacy concerns by allowing users to mask their profile pictures.

The company was hit by a catastrophic hack last summer, when intruders released the personal information of 37 million of its adulterous clients.

Now everyone gets to see their data.” Ruby Corp was forced to spend millions improving its security and privacy measures, and the breach reportedly cost Ruby Corp more than a quarter of its revenue.

Victims can be awarded up to ,500 depending on how well they can prove that any losses they experienced were linked to the breach, 05/07/2016: Ashley Madison's parent company is being investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission, after last year's catastrophic hack revealed that the company used chatbots and fake profiles to entice customers.

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